Natural Coconut Shell Bowl, Eco Friendly, Chemical Free Handmade and Unique [FREE UK SHIPPING]


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Natural Coconut Shell Bowls

Beautiful, handmade bowls, made from real coconuts. Vegan, eco-friendly and ethical!
After these coconut shells have been extracted for their meat and water, they are then cleaned, polished and sealed with coconut oil which means no harmful lacquers, sealants or glue. These bowls will take you from breakfast to lunch to dinner to dessert. Each handmade coconut bowl is coated with extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, so as to ensure that the gap between the coconut shells is closed, and no harmful chemicals in the process. Each bowl is unique and naturally tinted. 
Material: coconut shell
Size: diameter 12-15cm / 4.72-5.90in, height 4.5-6.5cm / 1.77-2.56in
Weight: ~ 100g
Feature 1: Natural materials
Feature 2: No odor, No toxicity
Feature 3: Easy to clean
Feature 4: Environmental Protection
Feature 5: Can hold hot food
1. Cannot be heated, do not expose to heat to avoid deformation.
2. Since the product is a natural material, the shape is irregular and the size is slightly deviated, refer to the actual product received.

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