Blackhead Remover Vacuum Suction Tool for Pore Cleansing and Acne Removal, Real Time Video App Electric Rechargeable Design [FREE UK SHIPPING]

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Must have for the home beauty salon, a tool that makes blackhead removal and pore clearing so easy and effective. Choose the kit with the app integration to view skin clearing in real time. The extractor comes with multiple 3 settings and 5 suction cups and instruction manual. 
—Upgraded dead head dust collector-Smart visual black head vacuum cleaner adopts the latest technology, built-in high-definition camera and WiFi synchronization, can be connected to a mobile phone or computer to accurately find black head and white head, super clear view of black head ejection process and skin status.
—Unlike traditional blackhead removal methods, the latest generation of blackhead cleaners use innovative vacuum technology. The blackhead remover generates airflow and centrifugal force, separating the blackhead from the skin without pain. Clean the blackhead cleanser for greater suction and deep clean your skin. Blackhead vacuum can effectively remove stubborn blackheads, blackheads, dead skin, oil and cosmetic residues.
—3 Adjustment mode: The vacuum cleaner is suitable for all skin types. Blackhead remover provides 3 different ways of attraction depending on the skin type. Dryness is suitable for dry skin, the blackhead vacuum is relatively low, and it is also suitable for sensitive skin. Normal skin is suitable for normal skin. Oily skin, blackhead vacuum cleaner has strong suction, can effectively remove stubborn blackheads
—5 Types of replaceable suction heads: In order to better care for sensitive skin, The blackhead remover provides 5 tips. Large round hole head with strong suction Small round hole head with weak suction. The oval hole head makes the skin more elastic and compact. The other end can be used to remove dead skin. The blackhead vacuum cleaner promotes blood circulation and makes the skin firmer, smoother and younger.
—Fashionable and compact design: USB charging design blackhead remover is easy to carry and stylishly designed. The blackhead vacuum cleaner uses touch control buttons, and the blackhead vacuum cleaner is equipped with an LED display for easy observation of the mode and remaining power. 
Color: White
Material: plastic
Function: suction of blackheads and acne, option to connect to app for real time viewing of skin condition
Intensity: 3levels
Mode: Oily, Neutral, Dry
Suction: ≤53kPa
Power: 25W
Rated voltage: 3.7V-4.2V
Battery capacity: 400 mAh
Charging time: 90 minutes
Charging method: USB cable
Product size: 18.9*4*4cm
Packing list:
1Pcs* blackhead remover tool
5Pcs* head accessories
1Pcs* English manual
1Pcs* USB cable
1. Scan the QR code in the manual, download the APP, and connect to wifi;
2. Use a hot towel or blackhead discharge solution, apply it to the facial skin, hold it for 5-10 minutes, open the pores to soften the skin;
3. Select the suction head of the corresponding part, install the suction head on the host, start the product, and you can clearly see the skin condition on the mobile phone;
4. The skin on the face moves slowly, please do not stay in the same position for too long to avoid the skin red and purple;
5. After cleaning, wash with cold water, apply a mask, use moisturising products
Note: When using the product, move the suction position to avoid skin red and purple

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