Natural Order is the network which gives you access to natural products and information, for ease of access and transition to the healthy lifestyle you are looking to live. Whether that is zero waste initiatives, minimalism, chemical and toxin free living, sustainability and going green, and natural beauty and self care, we have you covered. Browse our categories to see all health related products for yourself, your loved ones, and your home.

Product features:

  • eco friendly materials and products
  • chemical free formulations for everything
  • simple ingredients with no additives
  • frequently organic and fairtrade
  • option of minimal packaging

Please note that for the time being, the products listed are through affiliate programs. You support our work of creating a natural resource for you when you purchased linked products that provide us affiliate commissions.

My name is Yasmeen Dahdah and I created Natural Order at a time when I wanted to put together all that I had discovered and experimented with in the natural world together in one place, to share it with others and help guide them through this journey. There are many amazing transitions one can take, and all of them are journeys that start with a single step. I hope that the information, resources and products I list on this site and on the main site are a source of inspiration for positive change for any that come across them.

I love to research, put together information, and run workshops on self healing and natural methods. I have a Biology background, and a passion for the natural world, and everything it has to offer. The categories on this site reflect my interest in nutrition, herbal healing, natural self care, and detoxification protocols just to name a few.

I am in the process of creating manuals, ebooks, videos and courses to put what I have out there in a way that is accessible for others!
Currently updating content on Natural Order’s youtube!

The best way to reach me is through my facebook pages:
Yasmeen Dahdah
Natural Order
Freedom from Suffering

If you would like to hear more about anything, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I can give input on any natural products I have tried, direct you towards resources and guidance for your specific nutritional or wellness needs and in general share my many years of experience. I am open to collaborations, going on lives together, podcasts, creating content and working with awesome affiliate content, so let me know what you find!

My current offerings are on fiverr only, as natural care gigs, to help you apply natural remedies for your personal care, your home environment or for any specific needs and protocols you might have.

But I am developing programs and courses to work closely with me for health and wellness purposes. If you need support with your chronic conditions, with detoxification, cleaning up your diet or your home environment, I am ever in your service.

Yasmeen xxx

Herbal Workshop in Leeds, Community Kitchen Garden