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I had the T-safe copper coil in between June 2015 and May 2019. For those four years, I experienced myself getting steadily sicker and sicker, and descending into what I thought was madness. At first I did not connect the dots, nor know what was causing it. I was experiencing symptoms that increased in intensity as time went by, with no framework of reference to realise the coil was to blame. Like most, I had chosen the copper coil due to the fact it was a highly acclaimed non-hormonal birth control method, and all of the reviews and cautions centred only around having heavier periods, and a bit more pain.

I didn’t think more of it at the time, other than being pleasantly surprised that a birth control method purported to not mess with a woman’s delicate hormonal balance existed, and that it was having so much success with others! I chose it for those reasons, and for the longevity (some can stay in up to 10 years). Like many other women, I was exhausted with the birth control hunt and wanted something that wasn’t a massive trade-off between convenience and health. How wrong I was in this case, but it took its sweet time in coming on…

Here are some of the symptoms I experienced:

Extreme fatigue despite sleep, no energy at all to do anything, chronic and inexplicable pains around the body, metallic taste on my tongue, ringing in my ears, nerve and tooth pain, food sensitivities, autoimmune issues, mania, mood swings, rapid cycling between moods, suicidal ideation, extreme rage, feeling crazy, brain fog, extreme bloating, stabbing in my intestines, chronic loose stools, IBS, heart palipitations, anxiety, fungal infections, acid reflux, irrational fears, feelings of futility and despair, racing thoughts, inability to work or carry out simple tasks, waking up already dreading the day, deep depressions and low moods, sensory and visual disturbances, hypersensitivity, delusions, excruciatingly painful periods especially towards the end, horrific cystic acne, cracking and blistering of the tongue, becoming weaker, feeling terminally ill, symptoms despite healthy diet.


I am still collecting together all my symptoms and those of others in order to spread awareness! Over the course of those four years, it only occurred to me that the coil might be to blame about one year before I removed it. Whenever it did, it would soon slip out of my awareness as I was so severely debilitated, moody and forgetful. I remember speaking to a trusted detoxification expert and being told that the copper imbalance is most likely implicated in my moods and bizarre food sensitivities, etc.

At the time, I did not have a support system for this particular condition. I did not really know where to turn or look in order to confirm this information; the connections remained hazy, and indeed I was in such a horrible state that I was not able to think straight. I remember I was despairing completely, struggling to go through the days. I went away to the desert for about two months, and I had no clue as to why I was so incredibly fatigued, to the point that I simply started saying my goodbyes to life and people I knew. It felt terminal.

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Mind you, I was someone that took a careful look at my habits and diet and was always improving upon things. My passion is health and wellness, and I had spent many years researching alternative remedies, supplements, principles of health and healing and the integrity of the gut microbiome. It was a mystery to me why my own gut microbiome seemed to be entirely out of whack! I had symptoms of leaky gut even though I stopped eating gluten and dairy. I had extreme sensitivities and inflammation with seemingly everything that touched my lips. Was I allergic to lemons? Was I allergic to apples? Spinach? At one point it seemed like it was every kind of food that was suspect.

It was the pesticides. It was the water quality. It was my own trapped emotions. It was my trauma. It was the poor quality of nutrition in Jordan. I was on a permanent search for the cure, but missing the pieces that brought it all together. For years I suffered in silence, bore it alone, took it upon myself as one of my personal failings to do right by my body. Now I know that I spent most of my time managing my symptoms, as stress, certain foods, certain chemicals would all trigger these flare ups. But what was causing these flare ups? That was the great mystery.

In January 2019, I moved to the UK for my master’s studies. At the time I knew that stress was not something I dealt with well. Traffic, air and noise pollution, and the demands of a job or a study would be something difficult for me. But I had not wanted to fully give into what was happening to me. I am very grateful that I did go there then, I had a really great support system, AND I discovered an online group called Copper IUD and Toxicity Support Group on Facebook. This private discussion group changed my life.

In April 2019 leading into May 2019 I discovered this group and delved into the thousands of testimonials of other women’s experiences with the coil. I was blown away and I cried with relief! Every single thing that I had experienced for the last 4 years, I found in that group. Here were women that I had never met, with exactly my same story. People with vastly different habits and backgrounds, also experiencing these remote symptoms that had baffled me for years! I binge read almost everything I could get my hands on in there… I engaged with other women, got their input and support. I saw for the first time a reality where what I had experienced was REAL and was NOT MY FAULT. I cannot tell you enough how much peace that brought me.

And of course, righteous rage. Here were other women who also had had their lives destroyed. Some had lost relationships, been divorced, unable to keep jobs. Here were women that had hurt themselves, like me! Women who had blamed themselves, thought they were going crazy, blamed it on their history of mental illness. And worst of all, women that had gone into see their doctors and were told that they were NOT experiencing what they were experiencing. They were told that one person could not possibly have all of these symptoms, there is no such thing as copper toxicity and often recommended to psych wards.

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The theory of women’s hysteria still running strong, eh! This device had destroyed peoples’ lives, still continues to. Who knows our own bodies better than ourselves? And yet, it is a widely spread highly esteemed method. So much so that many of us had fallen for these exact traps when we had it inserted. So deceptively dangerous that lawsuits have begun to be filed, in which women can share their stories. Compensation will surely help many pick up the pieces of their broken lives. But, I want more than compensation. I want impact. I want this to reach as many people as it possibly can. I want the truth.

In early 2019, I experienced some of the worst breakdowns of my life. The lows I was reaching were so severe, coupled with the debilitating symptoms. On my period in May 2019 the severe pain began, and by severe I mean 11/10 pain that just would not let up. This continued for 4 days. At first, I thought I would just wait it out. Afterall, the pain had become something normal (definitely not normal we should not be in pain at all! I know this because before the coil and during my health transition with plant-based foods and supplements my periods were light and painless!)

I did not take pain medications, I do not normally, and I wanted to monitor the level of pain. By the third day I knew something was really wrong. I was in extreme pain and I was also a danger to myself with extremely negative thoughts, and the inability to grasp the reality around me. It was over a weekend where I ended up calling into the emergency room to ask what I could do. The feminine clinic would not take patients until sometime way later that week, I needed answers and action. Over the phone, a nurse talked me through the symptoms and options. She said it sounds like you have fibromyalgia… I thought ‘I need this coil out!’

I did not take her advice to wait for the feminine clinic and instead went into the ER first thing the next morning. On May 6th, 2019 I reached a low I had never experienced before and wanted it OUT. The doctor in the ER rolled her eyes at me, and resisted doing it…talked down at me, and told me stories on the internet do not make for subjectivity. But I insisted, and she begrudgingly took it out. That device was BLACK, certainly not the reddish sheen of copper it had gone in. A sigh of relief like I have never felt immediately came through me. Walking out of the ER I felt giddy, ecstatic. And a well known feeling I had forgotten I could have… The ability to emotionally maintain! I am not kidding when I say this was wiped out on the coil. I could choose to have a breakdown over something insignificant or not.

My sore and inflamed uterus had gotten what she wanted. That little piece of metal was finally removed. The body-wide inflammation immediately began to go down. I could breathe easier, think more clearly. I began to get my energy back, my skin began to clear. Now tell me again the coil didn’t have the ability to do those things to me?! I began to remember who I really was. I feel with all that have been through this hell. I want to note that below and in the videos I outline more extensively some of the symptoms I have experienced. If you resonate with this and want to know more do not hesitate to reach out. Join the Copper group I have posted for the amazing resources and support, and fill out the survey in the pinned post:

Copper IUD and Toxicity Support Group:

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Appendix of Symptoms:


After going vegan my period pains all but disappeared. I had lighter periods with no pain. Over time since the IUD insertion the pain was increasing month after month. I learned to live with this intense pain. But pain is a messenger! It was every other month at first. Crippling pains wracking my body. And then this year it was every month, and each one worse than the one before. I am so grateful that I finally decided to trust the messages being sent. Because this last period was three intense days of pain. And I am talking pain that was radiating throughout my body, even felt in my jaw, in my skull, underneath my eyes. I have never felt anything quite like it. The nurse at the ER just asked why I hadn’t taken medication. The doctor said in 26 years she had not come across a case of copper toxicity had not. Does this invalidate our experiences? No!


It’s bad enough to be experiencing your reality crumbling and your health deteriorating, but to add not being taken seriously by people that are meant to help you might just push some of us over the edge. I read the stories of countless women that were refused removal, or told they were crazy, or mocked for their own research and analysis of their bodies. All I know is that the food sensitivities that I began to suffer from were real. The fatigue was very real. The bloating. The intrusive thoughts. The sense of impending doom! The rage. When my boyfriend would tell me ‘it’s all right’ I would just about lose it because it did not FEEL all right! I would like to add this coil is made by Bayer. Bayer! One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world that bought out Monsanto. Chemical giants making women’s health decisions… I didn’t know this at the time. And their clinical trials indicate many unpleasant side effects not in the public eye…


Copper toxicity is a thing, but it does not show up in the bloodstream levels. Instead, it gets into the organs. Some people also have a higher tolerance to stress and specific mutations that allow for more effective detoxification. This nuance is important, as it should not dictate that the coil is safe for everyone. I maintain it is safe for no one. How can something that can trigger autoimmune disease be safe? It was getting to the point in the month before removal that I was feeling a metallic taste in my mouth and a strange drilling feeling inside my teeth and my jaw, in the mornings right when I woke up. Fruit is a master at revealing inner imbalances, and my morning melon would send me into a spiral of anxiety and exacerbate the teeth symptoms. I can safely say after removal I am NOT feeling that every morning. I will talk about a detox I attempted below.


I did a fruit fast for 6 days prior to removal. Due to the toxicity level in my body I had to stop! I did not realise it was from the coil. This was just last month. My tongue got coated in metal. The taste was awful. I could feel it in my teeth, pain in my head. I cannot describe it, but since REMOVAL I do not taste this metallic taste. I am sure I will when I try to detox again. I am gearing up for a detox, but I am also taking it easy because when we detoxify too fast, our organs cannot always cope with it. I feel completely debilitated after this thing and I am going to slowly work to regain my life back. Be warned that copper dumps are a thing, especially around one’s cycle, a resurgence of the symptoms occurs, but less and less over time. I cannot explain the deep level of scarring and trauma from believing I was at fault for this. I do not go to see doctors or take medication, and I might blame myself for this, but from what I have seen in this group, even involving doctors in the process leads to being told we are crazy for feeling this way. ‘It’s not the system that’s broken it is us’ – WRONG!


We are told that this is a non-hormonal method with no effects whatsoever on our natural cycles. What is not discussed, however, is how the balance of copper is closely tied with that of estrogen. When one goes up, so does the other. This wild swinging of our hormones, and the chemical pathways they implicate is in no way good for the body. Zinc is also implicated in the copper balance, and gets extremely low. There are debilitating effects on the thyroid and its hormone production, hence the intense fatigue, and for some even leading to Hashimoto’s Disease. The adrenal glands are also extremely overtaxed, and the body is under an incredible amount of stress. No one mentioned the effect of the copper coil on the resident bacteria and that fungal infections would become the norm, and to this day that imbalance still not corrected. All of these imbalance and yet it is a safe device?

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Working on forgiving myself and piecing together the story. What was me and what was the effect of this coil? What choices have I made out of fear, and how to move forwards with love? My body was crying for healing. I complied with detoxes, changing my diet, shadow work and so on. It reminds me of my attempts to purge myself of the effect of abusive relationships while remaining in them. Most of what I did kept me alive, but it could not get at the root cause, because I literally had a piece of metal wedged inside me. I am so grateful to have woken up from this, but it will be an uphill battle to unravel the damage caused. First and foremost I must accept that this happened, forgive myself for it, reconcile the tattered aspects of my being, and slowly reclaim my power. Will my womb ever trust me again? I believe this first step of removing it was a strong one to reforge our relationship. What else can I do? Moving forwards I continue to incorporate supplements such as: magnesium, zinc, lysine, b vitamins, algae powders like chlorella and spirulina, maca powder, other adaptogens, herbs like mullein, irish sea moss, burdock root and bladderwack along with an alkaline diet that supports gentle detox, and start to get into exercise, yoga, breath work, and dance.


I am not a walking contradiction or fatigued mess.

I am a healing breathing woman.

And so are you.

Your journey is valid, your experience is valuable,

and you are supported in your healing.

I love you.


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