Indian Healing Clay

Clays, volcanic ash, and resins have been used extensively in the history of civilisations. They contain mineral deposits, metal oxides and organic matter rich in benefits for many uses from ritualistic to medicinal. They are still widely used in incenses, topical treatments, medicines and most notably, skin treatments.

When it comes to clay, there are various types. Some have stronger drawing action than others, due to the unique combination of minerals and ions. Others are more smoothing and nourishing.

The kind of clay that will work with your skin depends on some experimentation. Are you looking for gentle or intense, or some gradation in between? Some are extremely drying. Some weaker, and not able to extract what’s in your pores.

For me, white kaolin clay was to weak too work on my oilier skin, though it was soothing and smoothing. Bentonite clay was one of the most intensely drying ones, sometimes irritating my skin.

The fairy dust I was looking for found me in forums referred to as Multani Miti… Indian healing clay, or fuller’s earth, was my fix. My magic mask. This stuff unifies skin coloring, dries out problem spots, smooths out bumps, and BEST OF ALL- it is fast acting!

One overnight application and I’m smoothed out and glowing. It mixes really well with water, making a very creamy easy to apply paste. It is also ideal for hair and scalp masks!

It washes out easily, it smells sweet and earthy and it is actually amazing for spot treatment because it is fast acting, comes off smooth, and leaves behind revived skin!

Here’s the stuff that changed my skin’s life, right UP there with the African black Soap.

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